The Issues

Leadership on Pipelines:

New pipelines incorporating modern technology are the most efficient, safest, and most environmentally sound way to transport oil. No political party in Canada has done more to champion new pipelines than the United Conservatives.

As a member of the UCP team, I will help lead the fight by:

• Calling on Alberta’s government to take real action, not just talk, against BC NDP’s pipeline obstructionism;

• Fighting Justin Trudeau’s latest anti-oil and gas bill that threatens Alberta jobs and future pipelines – something that the NDP have failed to do;

• Demanding that the Liberal government reverse its regulatory double-standard, which penalizes Canadian pipelines for emissions while ignoring emissions from foreign oil imported by tanker;

• Working with the Province of Manitoba to expand capacity to export Alberta’s products from the Port of Churchill, better ensuring the future of an industry that supports mortgage-paying jobs in Alberta.

Leadership on Oilsands:

The continued and responsible development of our oilsands is in the best interest of our community, province, and country. However, in recent years government have gone overboard in imposing new regulations and policies to crippled future development. As a result, Canada’s share of job-creating energy investment in North America is only one-fifth what it once was. Total job-creating spending in our oil and gas industry has fallen 47 percent between 2014 and 2017, and Canada has lost more than $56 billion in investment. This trend must end. As a member of the UCP team, I will help lead the fight by:

• Removing the NDP-imposed cap on oilsands development;

• Working to remove the Trudeau-imposed ban on west coast tanker traffic that prevents the export of Alberta oil and hurts Alberta jobs;

• Encouraging Alberta’s government to stand up for our oil and gas workers by fighting back against attacks from foreign-funded competitors.

Leadership on Jobs:

Alberta was at its best when the entire country saw us as the place to come for opportunity. At that time, Fort McMurray’s became emblematic of Alberta’s rise. Now, following the steepest recession in a generation, we need to encourage the creation of quality, private sector, full-time, mortgage-paying jobs. As a member of the UCP team, I will help lead the fight by:

• Eliminating the NDP Carbon Tax that makes it more expensive to drive to work and heat homes;

• Reducing both taxes and the mountain of unnecessary red tape faced by Mom and Pop retailers and other small businesses;

• Ensuring that all Albertans, including major job-creators, have access to reliable, affordable electricity.